Monday, August 3, 2009

My toddlers ballet slippers arrived in the mail! Now, which ones which?

I can't tell which is the left and which is the right. Is there a differance? If not, why?

My toddlers ballet slippers arrived in the mail! Now, which ones which?
There really isn't a difference in the shoes with most brands. If there is, look at the bottoms of them to see if there is a slight curvature on the sole. Mark inside the shoe R and L and they will mold to his/her feet that way.
Reply:Some brands have an R or an L printed in the shoe or on the inner side of the shoe. If not, you can decide which shoe will be for the left foot and which will be for the right. Just make sure that you write a R or L somewhere on the shoe so YOU will put it on the same foot all the time from now on.

Why some companies don't write down if its left or right? I have no clue.

Hope that helps!

Happy dancing!
Reply:there is no difference in the shape of the shoe. you can just decide which one to put on each foot and they will form to her feet as she wears them. i'm not sure why but all ballet shoes including pointe shoes are that way.
Reply:yes there i a difference like any normal shoe you can just tell if your still not sure just ask your childs dance teacher they will definatley know!!!!
Reply:My daughter's dance teacher told us to just pick one as a left and right, and it will mold to her feet - which they have.

Mark with R or L and just always wear the same shoe.
Reply:I dont think theirs a difference

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Do you wear slippers?

i wear pink fuzzy ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you wear slippers?
Reply:i always wear slippers mine are pink with fuzz on the sides and pompoms

black ones, pink ones, blue ones....all fuzzy and very very comfy!

Some mixed with a different color because dog stole slipper, did not return slipper, tried to eat my slipper....well you get the
Reply:Just socks here.
Reply:Ugg Slippers in Chesnut Baby!

Reply:no i wear socks around the house

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Do you wear slippers?

around the house, or do you just stick to bare feet or socks?

Do you wear slippers?
i have monkey slippers that i got from aeropostale! (:

very cute.

but when its warm, i either go barefoot or i wear socks.

matter of fact, im wearing slippers now.
Reply:Usually barefeet, slippers are cool/.
Reply:Bare feet. I'm too hard-core for slippers lol!
Reply:I wear slippers because my dog is very drippy when he drinks and there's always puddles on the floor, and I'd rather my feet are all wet haha.
Reply:i loveee slippers.

they're so comfy and my socks don't get all dirtyy :]]
Reply:i wear ugg slippers
Reply:I eat slippers
Reply:yeai waear them sometimes =]
Reply:bare feet!
Reply:Hmmmm,interesting question. But yeah,I wear slippers,I have pretty stinky feet...(not that I`m proud)
Reply:bare feet
Reply:yess but i usually wear sockss.

never bearfeeet.

Reply:baaaaaare feet!
Reply:Bareee feettt, when it gets a little chilly, i wear sOckss, but my parents always tell me to wear Slippperss lol but barfeet and socks are so muchh more fun %26amp;comfyy ahah =) how aboutyouu?
Reply:I wear slippers mostly in the winter, but I also wear socks a lot. I don't like to go around barefoot because we have four fuzzy pets, and my feet get covered in fur when I do!
Reply:bare feet and socks... much cheaper :)
Reply:cute slippers 4 me!
Reply:slippers are comfy!!
Reply:I wear slippers, they keep my ears warm.
Reply:I wear slippers around the house all the time my feet get very cold so as soon as i came in the house i take my shoes off and put on slippers
Reply:i wear slippers cuz my feet get cold!

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What color of slippers go good with a yellow dress?


it's classy and can go with other stuff even after the yellow dress!

plus silver is really in right now!

What color of slippers go good with a yellow dress?
Green or some kinda gold color! Report It

Reply:i Would suggest blue or Black or some kind of fruity color that would work don't you think so, But last time I went to the mall i saw a girl wearing a yellow shirt and jeans with some red heels and she looked pretty cute
Reply:Well, that depends on the sequins or the design on the dress. If your dress doesn't have a design or a sequin on it, then i would choose Black high heel sandals with some sort of sequins on it.
Reply:a dark yellow that's shiny.

Reply:white and cream
Reply:Purple or any other color that complements yellow, such as blue or black
Reply:You could wear dull gold slippers with your yellow dress to add a touch of glam to your outfit.

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What do you slippers look like?

Mine are purple with cute green frogs on them!

What do you slippers look like?
I can't find a matching pair right now. I have a cow on my left foot, and a puppy on my right. I think they have fallen in love. Who am I to stand in the way of romance.
Reply:mine are green leather moccasins with beading on the toes...
Reply:hi there navy moccasins
Reply:They're black and fuzzy.
Reply:Oh honey I'm Betty Boop, I have on ballette slippers, little black ones
Reply:Mine are blue with a dark pink heart and a light pink skull and crossbones on them. My 2 year old granddaughter picked them out for me for my birthday.
Reply:Black fuzzy
Reply:Well they are pink and fluffy.
Reply:i don't wear slippers..
Reply:I used to have slippers that looked like rabbit's feet, but they wore out. Then I got Odie slippers. Now my slippers are pink, fuzzy, and real soft.
Reply:homer simpson slippers! so cute


I was wearing slippers while walking down my spiral staircase and less.?

I hit the edge of the carpeted stair and slid two more stairs down. Stung like h$ll when it happened. About 70% of my right gluteus maximus (middle, not near the tail bone) is completely bruised and there is a HUGE knot the size of a medium lime on the upper part of the bruising. and on the edge of the swelling it swells out in to a line formation. It hurts to touch and to put pressure on it while I am sleeping. not so much to sit sicne it is up higher and I think I have become use to the discomfort. It's been a week and the swelling hasn't really gone down much. Do I need to go see a Dr. or is this something that is going to go down on its own in a few weeks?

I was wearing slippers while walking down my spiral staircase and less.?
DEFINITELY go and see a doctor. Having an injury like what you are explaining would be cause for concern. I don't mean to say that to scare you. Go and get it checked out and make sure you are not hurt worse than you think you are.
Reply:I had something similar happen to me. I was being stupid and was standing on a ladder in the shower (painting above it) and slipped and landed right on my rear on the sharp edge of the top of the bathtub. I had massive bruising and soreness. IT took a good two weeks to go away to a point where it didnt really hurt to sit anymore. I would try ice off and on for a few days and if the swelling still hasnt gone down, get it checked out by a doctor just in case.
Reply:Go quickly and get an appiontment to see a doctor. In the mean while strap a pack of ice to your butt when you see to bring down the swelling and soak in some epson salt. I know your thinking that epson salt is for sprains and laxative but the solution causes diffusion in your cells to bring down the swelling in your bones. In other words it takes out the swelling because water moves from the cell.
Reply:Yes - you need to see your doctor.

You might have anything from a broken hip, broken femur, broken pelvis (not too likely), broken tailbone to a vertebral fracture or just a hematoma.


Good luck
Reply:try putting ice on it for a while, and take some advil. both of those things should help reduce the swelling and pain
Reply:Def see a doctor
Reply:I would go to a dr just to check it out
Reply:I would get seen by a doctor to make sure you aren't hurt worse than you think you are.
Reply:my uncle had somthing happen like that, he got hit in his leg when he fell and it brused and swelled. a month later he died of a blood clot traveling into his lung. PLEASE go to the doc

God bless Jeff Nickens 7/10/06
Reply:The same thing happened to me. I was carrying allot of bags down some steps at a friends house. I hit a step covered in ice that I did not see and fell down three stairs to the concrete below. My butt turned colors I had never seen before in my life. It took the better part of a month for the swelling to go down and weeks after that for the bruise to fade. I know how much pain you are in but a doctor can't really do anything. Use heating pads for pain, ice for swelling, and when you can touch the area a little muscle rub might feel good. Stock up on aspirin because you have to ride this one out. Sorry, hope you feel better.

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Who makes tote slippers?

The company's called 'Tote'

Who makes tote slippers?
Tote ; )

I practically *live* in my Tote's slipper socks, which I buy from Boots, you can buy Tote's products here too...
Reply:Errrrr.....Tote!? I get it - a trick question!
Reply:maybe walmart
Reply:Tote is a company, they also make socks, and umbrellas.